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Communicating by Video Conference

More than ever before, online meetings with colleagues and clients have become increasingly part of our diaries. Be it on ZOOM, Skype for Business, Hangouts or in-house software, VC brings it's own set of unique challenges. [non]fiction PEOPLE can help you have more successful, engaging and impactful conversations online.

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Answering Questions

We’ve all watched with interest lately as leaders and scientists answer our questions - some badly and some with clarity and insight. I’m sure you and your teams have lots of questions too, so here’s how to answer them effectively, whilst maintaining and building trust.

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Executive Communications Coaching

The more senior you become in an organisation, the more you are demanded to communicate: with clients, colleagues, and teams. [non]fiction PEOPLE will work with you to design a specific programme to support you in the development of your communication and leadership. Every session is unique and combines communication theory with practice, offering feedback, insight and practical techniques that start to shift your communication right away and for lasting change.

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Time and time again interactive training has the biggest impact on change, the longest legacy and best feedback from teams. [non]fiction PEOPLE gives you and your teams the opportunity to practise and develop their skills with professional corporate actors, recreating your work place scenarios with feedback, insight and development.

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An external voice in meetings can be extraordinarily powerful. Objectivity, perceptivity and technique combined in professional facilitation can make a huge difference in outcomes. [non]fiction PEOPLE combine their experience in the creative industries and business to bring a dynamic and credible objective voice to meetings, encouraging you to diverge in ideas and thoughts before converging towards the most innovative and achievable idea. Let us help you find the solution.

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