Episode 1: The First Attempt

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Bob Graham Sounds
Bob Graham Sounds
Episode 1: The First Attempt

Meet the team as they try to get their youngest and fittest members around the BGR.

A deeper understanding is reached by everyone about how much work an attempt entails.

And a commitment, of sorts, is reached to try and get more of the team round next year.

Featuring music I love by… Kris Drever, Bon Iver, Lenny Ibizarre, Seasick Steve, Wild Beasts, Passenger, Kurt Vile, Jeff Mills, Midlake, Crosby & Nash, Villagers, Stornoway, Michael Kiwanuka & Slowdive

I bought a PRS license, so you should get paid.

Bob Diggles

Bob Diggles

Bob is a BBC Radio Producer and Executive Producer - Podcasts at [non]fiction ARTS

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