Episode 5: Running Forever

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Bob Graham Sounds
Bob Graham Sounds
Episode 5: Running Forever

Bob takes an eventful road trip t’North at the end of November 2018, sadly there is no running involved but there are two good male-bonding hikes in the Yorkshire Dales, one with his son and one with his oldest mate Beany. There’s also a visit to a church Christmas fair in Giggleswick and a Sports Direct in Huddersfield, but they’re not included in the podcast.

However, the main event is a chat round the kitchen table of farmer and fell runner Nicky Spinks. 

Nicky is honest, direct, open and generous with advice, stories and BGR wisdom learnt through experience achieving her incredible endurance records and overcoming cancer.

With music from Kris Drever, Ben Howard & Liam Gallagher

Nicky’s Blog

Bob Diggles

Bob Diggles

Bob is a BBC Radio Producer and Executive Producer - Podcasts at [non]fiction ARTS

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