Episode 9a: Rickey Gates Revisited

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Bob Graham Sounds
Bob Graham Sounds
Episode 9a: Rickey Gates Revisited

Spring has sprung and training proper has begun. The clock is ticking with just over 3 months to go until Mark and hopefully Bob make their BGR attempt, so everyone in the team steps up a gear.

None more so that Mark’s older brother Mike, a talismanic figure, whose words – as you’ll discover – can be as powerful as his physical presence on the fells.

And another great running sage, Rickey Gates, returns with wisdom learned from his months spent running #everysinglestreet of San Francisco.

Featuring music from Kris Drever, Richard Hawley and a number of classic TV themes.

Bob Diggles

Bob Diggles

Bob is a BBC Radio Producer and Executive Producer - Podcasts at [non]fiction ARTS

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