Episode 2: Buying & Testing

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Dad Does Drugs
Dad Does Drugs
Episode 2: Buying & Testing

In Episode 2 Bob buys drugs and gets them tested to see if they were worth the money.

He meets Professor Fiona Measham, a nightclub loving criminologist who founded a drug testing charity called The Loop in 2013. The Loop chemists test his drugs and then sit him down to talk to him about harm reduction.

Bob and his teenage son Credence go on to have a chat about ecstasy, the dark web, Leah Betts & MDMA therapy.

Find out more about The Loop
The Loop on Twitter
Prof Fiona Measham on Twitter
The Loop on Facebook

Find out more about ecstasy

In the next episode Bob chats with Dr Mohammed Qasim, a researcher who talks to drugs dealers and gangs.

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Bob Diggles

Bob Diggles

Bob is a BBC Radio Producer and Executive Producer - Podcasts at [non]fiction ARTS

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