Episode 3: Wheeling & Dealing

Episode 3: Wheeling & Dealing

Episode 3: Wheeling & Dealing
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In Episode 3 Bob looks at drug dealing in the UK in 2019 including county lines operations involving teenagers.
He meets Dr Mohammed Qasim a researcher who talks to drug dealers to find out why they do what they do.
Then Bob and his teenage son Credence have a chat about dealers, sharing drugs with your friends and the police.

Find out more about Dr Mohammed Qasim

Cocaine & the Albanian Mafia

Teenage County Lines Gangs

Postal Heroin from Pakistan

Buy “Young, Muslim & Criminal” by Mohammed Qasim

In the next episode Bob talks to Detective Superintendent Scott MacKechnie : Head of Serious Organised Crime and the force lead for drug-related harm with Hampshire Constabulary. Gulp!

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