Episode 5: The K Hole

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Dad Does Drugs
Dad Does Drugs
Episode 5: The K Hole

In Episode 5 Bob looks at the dissociative psychedelic ketamine. Use of K is rising among young people in the UK .

He meets Wendy Teasdill whose daughter Eleanor died in 2013 after taking it at Boomtown Festival, because her body reacted badly to the small amount of alcohol she’d drunk with it.

Then Bob and his teenage son Credence have a chat about ketamine harm reduction, bladder problems, festivals and his Aunty in the police.

BBC Inside Out film at Boomtown 2018 with Wendy and her family

Dr Russell Newcombe’s risk comparison table

In the next episode Bob talks to Anna Wade, one of the founders of Boomtown Festival, about their drug policy since Ellie (and other) drug fatalities at the event.

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Bob Diggles

Bob Diggles

Bob is a BBC Radio Producer and Executive Producer - Podcasts at [non]fiction ARTS

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