Episode 8: Drugs and Girls

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Dad Does Drugs
Dad Does Drugs
Episode 8: Drugs and Girls

A year ago, 18 year old Georgia Jones took two ecstasy pills at a festival and died. This year her mum Janine Milburn is going back to give try to educate festival goers about drug safety, first aid and drug testing.

Georgia Jones – Don’t Go With The Flo

Bob talks to Janine, then has a chat with his own daughters – Coco, aged 11 and Hattie, aged 6 – to get the ball rolling on the honest and open dialogue about drugs to keep them safe as they grow up and face risky situations for themselves and their friends.

Bob also gets some evidence based info from Dr Suzi Gage about the differences between girls & boys and their reactions to drugs.

More on how drugs cause harm to women

Next week there’ll be even more from Dr Suzi Gage, talking specifically about cannabis.

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Bob Diggles

Bob Diggles

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