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We all know the best events are those you’ll talk about again and again.
We understand the power of an event that surprises and excites all of us. The events that are totally unforgettable.
This is why [non]fiction EVENTS exists, to deliver experiences that make the unexpected a reality.


At [non]fiction EVENTS we are passionate about delivering unique event experiences.
We thrive in curating spectacular events.
We work with clients to bring their dream event concepts to life.
We also harness our own imagination to deliver experiences that you and your friends won’t be able to stop talking about.
We’ve delivered a broad range of events from large outdoor sports events, boutique festivals and bespoke client requests.

Sports Events

Boutique Festivals

Bespoke Events


The best events seem to take place in the perfect space. This doesn’t happen by accident.
We spend our time sourcing and curating the perfect venues for events wherever that may be.
We love to take unique spaces and transform them to deliver a range of event concepts.


To create the perfect event requires a focus on the details.
For clients, we collaborate to bring a brief to life. We understand the key drivers of your event to ensure we deliver an impactful experience.
For our owned events, we aim to bring to life the best event concepts around.

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But events aren’t delivered on a website. There’s only so much we can say here.
We want to hear your ideas and turn fiction and make it a reality. Get in touch.

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