Space Relocation and Project Management Consultancy


Multiple studies have been conducted on our working environments, what motivates us and how our productivity can be compromised in spaces that hamper creativity and innovation.

What is universally revealed in these surveys are the following truths:
no two organisations require the same changes to their space;
no two people respond identically to their physical environment and people always feel more motivated if they have had a hand in developing the functionality in their office spaces.


[non]fiction SPACES can provide a range of options to make improvements in your working environment.

There are consultancy packages that will survey and workshop your staff and create recommendations based on our findings, or we can take the project further, implementing changes, installing new innovative spaces and working with staff to create new behaviours in the renovated environment.

We also believe that your workspace needs to be considered as an adaptive tool, in much the same way your workforce needs to be re-trained and developed, so we provide after-care on your changes to ensure the office is working in the ways intended.


[non]fiction SPACES believes that the only viable place to conduct our work is in your working environment, but with our partners in [non]fiction EVENTS and [non]fiction PEOPLE we also offer a range of off-site solutions.

We would always work with you to understand that we were fitting the space to the solutions required.


[non]fiction SPACES has provided project management services to a wide variety of clients ranging from major financial institutions like Barclays and The Royal Bank of Scotland to professional services firms like EY to influential media companies like The Guardian and Discovery Channel. This experience means we will always tailor you solutions to the type of organisation you are.

As part of a dynamic partnership of businesses, [non]fiction SPACES shares expertise with our associates to delivery a plethora of business skills specialising in people development and training, events planning and delivery, business consultancy andĀ of course, space management and relocation services.

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