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Over 20 years of practice, learning and leading in both the arts and business, has taught us how a single breath, a blink of an eye and a well chosen question can transform a relationship.
You’re the expert in you and your story and we’re the experts in helping you tell it.


You or your business could be the best story yet to be told. 
However any story only has meaning when it is heard, experienced and lived.
So at [non]fiction PEOPLE we help you understand why your story matters, what form it takes, where you tell it and most importantly how you communicate it.


Where were you when…? It matters. 
Is it better to have a meeting, a coffee or a walk?
We understand there are many factors influencing where a communication takes place, but in most cases it’s determined by convenience and habit and not always by desired outcome and experience.
We have worked with clients in their offices of course, but also in theatres, members clubs, car-parks and fields. We have worked in person, on webcams, mobile phones and with video content.

We will encourage you to think about where a communication takes place and the possibility in what it means to experience learning in an environment which supports it.
The stage is set.


At the core of what we do is practice. Experiential learning is proven to outshine any other form when it comes to communication.
Yes we will explore communication theory, it can change your life, but the means to embody and practice making those marginal gains can reprogramme your defaults in lasting and profound ways.

We can deliver alone, work alongside your own team, engage a range of incredible Associate Business Psychologists as well as collaborate with our partners [non]fiction EVENTS, [non]fiction SPACES and [non]fiction ARTS to construct innovative and extraordinary learning events and away days.


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